Treća Jugoslavija

Razmišljajući o jučerašnjem tekstu sjetio sam se jednog članka objavljenog u European Journale u kojem se govori o hrvatskom pristupanju EU. Članak se zove Croatia at crossroads (PDF alert!, maleni PDF 3 stranice) i svakako vam preporučam da ga pročitate. Eto nekoliko citata (a koji pokrivaju široki spektar tema):

Many who witnessed Croatia’s desperate
attempt to cut its ties from Belgrade and
gain independence are surprised at how
swiftly this small nation has allowed
Brussels to begin exerting greater control.
Croatia’s willingness to replace Belgrade
with Brussels remains a mystery.
It appears
that the EU incentives dangled in front of
Croatia’s political élite have given them
reason to speed ahead in joining the
European Union.

The [Croatian] authorities have just been
criticized by the International Federation of
Journalists for appointing a number of
political cronies to the board of HINA, the
main news agency (and that in itself is odd:
why does the state have anything to do with
the media anyway?
). Some journalists say
that advertising from state-owned industries
is used to reward friendly media outlets and
withdrawn from critical ones
. One local
think-tank compares Ivo Sanader, the
Croatian prime minister, to Vladimir Putin of
Russia. That may be too harsh. But there is an
interesting analogy.
Just as the top-heavy and incompetent
Russian state survives thanks to the rents
(unearned income) from the country’s oil and
gas wealth, Croatia’s stodgy economy lives off
the rents of tourism.
The country scores very
poorly on indexes of economic freedom:
labour laws are restrictive, taxes high, foreign
investment puny.”

Autori članka su Roger Helmer koji je član engleske konzervativne stranke i član europskog parlamenta i Joel Anand Samy koji je suosnivač svjetskog summita leadera.


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Ma biseri. Slažem se da HINA-u treba rasformirati, ali zadnji puta kada sam provjeravao i BBC je bio državna tvrtka. Ne razumijem odakle ovima da je državno uplitanje u medije nešto neviđeno.

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