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Sada znamo čemu služi komunizam

Misao dana:
Our leader is the supreme revolutionary genius, the sun of the nation and the benevolent father of our people, who has built a socialist paradise on this land and brought the people the happiness and glory we see today, by leading the arduous Korean revolution along the path of trials to victory without the slightest vacillation.
Because of the immortal feats he has performed for mankind, his extraordinary intelligence, outstanding leadership ability and lofty communist virtue, the great leader is supported and boundlessly revered by the people.
Our people eagerly desire to meet their fatherly leader who, by devoting his entire life to the freedom and liberation of the people and leading the vanguard of the revolution and socialist construction, has provided them with the greatest happiness and continues to provide the condition for their lives to flourish, and once they have met him, they brim over with the resolution to give their wholehearted loyalty to the leader, they are engrossed in infinitely solemn feelings and emotions.

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obilježje komunizma je stvaranje kulta ličnosti. ali, kao što vidimo, ne samo komunizma. ima toga i kod nas.

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